How Non-Performing Loans Can Affect Your Loan

In some cases, when a loan is not properly paid back, the situation does not lead to default as just such a situation was specifically mentioned in the loan contract.

This is known as non-performance and will result in rising interest rates and larger payment amounts as the bank continues to keep contact with the person who is not making their payments. When the money finally arrives for the borrower to repay the loans, the repayment schedule will recommence and payments will be a bit higher.


There are a number of specific rules in place for how a loan can be labeled as non-performing, as dictated by the Revenue and Customs Department. This involves the categorization of the loan into one of two areas in which the loan can be declared non-performing. Information such as the borrower’s current financial status, collateral, repayment history, and the cost of trying to ensure repayment are all taken into account when deciding whether to declare a loan non-performing. Non-performing loans are looked down upon by financial institutions and will be handled gravely.

Because a bank is a business and loan’s are the core of that business in most cases, the repayment of the principle is vital to them maintaining their profits. When a bank reports too many non-performing loans, it reflects poorly upon them to investors and customers. So, every possible tactic is taken to ensure these are minimized. The resultant anxiety over non-performing loans has made it harder for many people with high risk factors from getting good loans from financial institutes. Rates are increased, penalties outlined clearly, and collateral often required.

Secured loans have become much more popular as a result, but even so, loan procurement requires careful management of your finances .In the past decade, the rise of non-performing loans has resulted in an overall decline and weakening of the banking structure throughout the country. Businesses and high risk companies such as those in the real estate, retail, and construction fields especially have shown themselves to be at particularly high risk of non-performing. When a business venture stretches beyond the means of a company to repay, they will often simply stop repaying their loans. Bankruptcy may occur, but the banks incur the loss. It is all these factors that has made the financial climate one of wariness. Consumers looking to procure a loan on their property must now spend more time and effort ensuring they get a good loan and a good rate. Even those who might have been considered good candidates 20 years ago are looked upon skeptically today.


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