Filling out a loan application 

If you need a loan, you are required to answer various questions and provide various pieces of information to allow lenders to learn whether or not you are qualified for their loans.

For reference, here is a list of many of the standard loan application questions as well as anything you need on you in order to take out your loan.

• What is your Social Security Number (SSN) ? (You may also be asked to provide proof of your social security number by showing your social security card)
• What is your employment history over the past two years? (The amount of years a bank or lender needs vary, but 2 is a good estimate - this information also needs to include your salary, address and a references if possible)
• Where have you lived over the past 2 years? (Years vary)
• How much do you make now, as well as information on your employer, any side income/bonuses, etc.?
• What is your bank account information including account numbers, balances, etc.?
• Will you have anyone cosigning your loan? (If so, you will need all of their information handy as well)
• Do you have any investments, stocks, bonds, or anything else that represents proof of income?

You will likely not need much more than your social security number for things like a credit check, current lending information, etc., because the social security number can be run in order to get most of that information.

Similarly, if you are asked significantly more questions than those above, make sure they are not asking for any information they do not have a right to. Financial information is their business, but how much your parents or son or daughter make is not. They should only need information on where you have lived, your financial history, and who your current employers are. Anything else is generally superfluous and could be a sign of some unfair practices if you are using a less well known lending institution.


Finally, do not withhold information in order to get a loan . Lying on an application or failing to provide the correct information is grounds to be turned down for a loan or have your loan cancelled.

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