Switching Energy Providers Can Save Your Money

Did you know that you could actually save money on your energy bill by simply switching the supplier that you use?

The government of the United Kingdom encourages their residents to switch their energy suppliers in order to get better rates on their energy bills. This has been going on since the market was opened up to more competition and many people have been able to save as much as £250 per year. Switching to a new supplier is easy, and there have been new regulations put in place that allow you seven days to cancel a new contract with a new supplier if you should happen to think the switch was not a good idea.

Before you just up and switch energy suppliers , it is a good idea to research all of the options that are available to you. It is recommended that you determine how much you are actually paying per month by looking at your last four energy bills or your total energy payment for the past year. You can then compare these numbers to what potential energy suppliers are charging to get an idea of who the best supplier is before you switch.

Currently there are about fifteen different energy suppliers available to the residents of the United Kingdom, so it is important that you comparison shop for your new supplier. You need to be aware of the different services they offer and choose the one that is going to meet your needs at a lower cost. You can even choose a supplier that offers electric and gas services and roll your payment into one bill as compared to two. Check to see if they offer fixed pricing as well, as this makes it easier for you to budget your bills each month.

Check into the many different tariff packages the suppliers offer you. These tariffs are based on the amount of energy you use each month. If you use a lot of energy during the course of a month you could qualify for a tariff that is a cheaper rate than one that is offered to people who use only a little bit of energy. Make sure that the tariff also includes a standing charge so that you get the best rate for your money.

With only fifteen suppliers to choose from you can be assured that the competition for your business is going to be steep. Look for discounts or special deals that the supplier may offer you and take advantage of it. Right now price fixing is the biggest incentive suppliers are offering people, so if your new supplier includes that in their package, make sure you qualify for it and get it when you switch.

Look into the many different payment options the supplier offers and find the one that is best for you. If you are interested in a direct debit plan you could find that you save additional money on your bill. Online bill statements are also money saving features, and your payment frequency may be workable into your budget plan if you prefer to pay on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.


Finally, check into the customer service of the new supplier. How they treat you as a customer should be a big consideration. Ask about aftercare schemes, prepaid meters and how quickly the service department responds to emergency calls, and include this into your choice of new energy suppliers.


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