Money Saving Ideas For Young People

Learning about money saving tips and reduce both your spending and overall debt is something that everyone can take advantage of.

Learning how to do it at a young age is very important because it helps teach the younger generation how to avoid the debt their parents and grandparents may have incurred. There are numerous ways to save money today without sacrificing quality or fun, and the following tips can be used by everyone young and old.


Shop online
By the time you drive your car to the local shopping centre to purchase the new compact disk by your favourite artist and drive home, you will have spent the same amount of money as you would have ordering it off the Internet, maybe even more. You can purchase almost everything online from books to computer parts to vehicles even, and sometimes the prices are considerably cheaper. All you need to shop online is a bank account, credit or debit card and you enter your banking information into a registration form where you are shopping. Your account will be charged and all you have to do is remember to enter the charge into your register and wait for your goods to come. It is important that you use safe and secure websites when shopping online in order to keep your personal information safe from computer hackers. Look for websites that have a small padlock icon in the bottom of the window and a URL address that starts with ‘https'. These are both signs of sites that use the most current technology available to protect your information. Also use online payment systems like Paypal which doesn't eve let the online shops have your personal information.

Loyalty cards
Loyalty cards and schemes are a great way to collect points and earn money towards purchases at both supermarkets and high street establishments. Every time you shop at the store you earn points based on the amount of money you spend. When you have collected enough points on your loyalty card, you simply present it at checkout and you can pay for your items literally for free. If you shop at the same place over and over you can gain quite a few points, and you'll be amazed at how quickly they add up. Start collecting points early enough in the year and you can use them for Christmas shopping, making your holiday debt very cheap.

Magazine vouchers
You can find vouchers in magazines that will save you money on anything from toiletries to DVDs, and you can even find ‘buy one get one free' vouchers. While they are great for saving money on your purchase, you do not want to go out and spend money just to use the voucher. Save them for when you go shopping again.

Cheap pampering
Instead of going to an exclusive salon to get your hair cut, see if there is a hairdressing academy nearby where you can have a student cut your hair for a reduced price. Yes, you are taking the risk of having a bad haircut, but the students are watched over by a lecturer who will make sure that no real damage is done.

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