Five Ways To Save At The Supermarket

Debt is growing exponentially, and with the current economic crisis hitting the world as hard as it is people are looking for new ways to cut costs and save money.

You can cut your costs almost everywhere you look, if you work at it, including when you go to the supermarket. Here are five tips to help you save when you go shopping for groceries. If you follow these tips you will be amazed at just how much money you will have left over that can be applied to other bills.


Tip #1: Clip coupons for items you buy on a regular basis.
You can find coupons in your newspaper for items that you use on a regular basis, and they can really help you save money on the items you and your family use. There are also numerous online coupon websites that will allow you to select coupons related to your grocery store and print them off right at home to use when you go to the store. Additionally, take a cruise through the websites of many of your favourite brands. Quite often they offer consumer coupons that can once again be printed off at home.

Tip #2: Take advantage of store loyalty cards.
Many of your favourite stores offer loyalty cards that give you immediate savings on certain products or allow you to save up points to use at a later date. If you shop at the same store on a regular basis that offers one of these cards and you have not signed up for one yet it might be a good idea to apply for one. Some of these loyalty programmes will send you coupons through the mail or via your e-mail if you provide them your address. Even at that, the coupons could be automatically loaded onto your loyalty card and redeemed at the checkout, saving paper and ink.

Tip #3: Use your coupons wisely.
Be aware of where the coupons you clip can be used. Some coupons are only good at certain stores, and many times you can use a manufacturer's coupon in addition to the store coupon to get the best deal. If your favourite store offers double or triple coupon days, shop on those days of the week to get the best deal and the maximum savings possible.

Tip #4: Take advantage of rebates and free-bates.
Some items come with a rebate that allows you to mail in a coupon with the store receipt and have some - and occasionally all - of the money you spent on the item returned to you. You can take advantage of these and actually get a little extra money in your pocket as long as you remember to mail them in.

Tip #5: Read the many different money saving blogs on the Internet.
Other shoppers are a great source of information on how to save money when it comes to grocery shopping. By reading these blogs that are applicable to your area of the United Kingdom, you can learn about places that are offering the best deals for the week.

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