Save Money Recycling

Everyone is looking for a way to save money and believe it or not, recycling is one way to do this.

Almost two thirds of the rubbish produced in the United Kingdom is recyclable, and by doing so we can save energy and raw materials from being used. By composting in your garden, and repairing and re-using items around the home, you can save money until you really need to spend it. So how can the average family recycle to reduce debts ?


The first step in recycling is by cutting down on food and household waste from the start. When you go to the supermarket, purchase items that are produced with less packaging to help reduce waste. Bring your own shopping bags with you instead of purchasing new ones every time. If you can purchase items that can be used over and over again instead of disposable items, do so, as the reusable items are a better value for your money.

By repairing and re-using items around the home you can make them last longer and reduce the need to spend money on new ones until it is absolutely necessary. Additionally when you are done using an item, donating it to charity allows it to be used longer. Computers are a good example of this. Many charities will fix up old computers to be used in daycare centres or local community organisations. Plus, by repairing and reusing items on a regular basis helps you save money for a replacement item.

Currently seven people out of ten recycle in the United Kingdom , but every family can increase the amount of recycling they do by two or even three times more. The councils usually run collections for paper, glass, plastics, and cardboard at your doorstep, and the local civic amenity sites also accept items for recycling. Just about everything in your home can be recycled - wood, shoes, clothing, televisions, electronics, appliances, furniture, etc. - and all you need to do is contact your local council to see where these items can be brought to in your area.

Since more than a third of your household waste can be turned into compost, it makes sense to go ahead and compost your rubbish to use in your garden or flower beds. If your rubbish is sent to a landfill, the organic waste will eventually break down into methane which has adverse effects on the environment. By composting things such as tea bags, vegetable peels, shredded paper and egg boxes to name a few things, you can help save money on future gardening supplies and space in the landfills. Many councils offer composting bins to their constituents for a reduced monthly fee and these are a great way to sort out your rubbish.

Purchase products that are made from recycled materials including papery products, household items, and even clothing and accessories. Recycled items help save the environment by cutting down on the use of raw materials and manufacturing costs. Additionally they can be recycled yet again when you are done with it, making them a true money saver and it really helps the planet.

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