What you should remember when you move.

Moving can be a stressful time. All of your things need to be packed and moved to your new place. You may be moving to a place where payments are going to be higher or you may be moving to a smaller place and need to find a way to fit all of your stuff.

Moving takes place in less than a day, but people know they are moving well in advance. And simply the act of finding yourself in a new location after you have been used to a single location for so long can cause a lot of anxiety.


But despite the stress you are going through, you will experience a great deal of additional stress if you do not make sure that all of your credit and loan payments are going to be covered. If you are moving and in debt, there are several things you need to remember to do before and after you move.

1) No matter how much moving costs, make sure you have saved some money in a bank account to cover the costs of your bills. Money can feel like it disappears during a move, so saving all of your payments ahead of time is the best way to make sure you can afford your payments.

2) Call or write to all of your creditors and lenders and make sure they know your knew address for billing. In addition, make sure the bank and every other financial institution you deal with has record of your new place, so that you can continue to get notified of upcoming payments.

3) Consider setting up automatic payments, at least in the short term, to ensure that you do not forget to make a payment in the shuffle of the move. Many credit and lending agencies have due dates between the 25th and the 5th, and since most people move on the 1st, that means that the due dates tend to fall near the time you move which can make it far too easy to forget to make a payment. But you never want to go to a new place only to find that you now owe a great deal more money on your credit card because you forgot to make a payment, and automatic payments help you be certain you have paid your bills on time.

Finally, try not to pay all of your moving expenses on a credit card or with a loan . It can be difficult, but adding all those extra expenses is going to make it far more difficult to afford future needs.

Moving is always going to be a hectic time period in a person's life. But if you can manage it wisely, it should not negatively affect your life, and you will continue to be able to make regular payments and keep your credit score in check no matter how must the move took a toll on your budget or psyche.

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