Secured Loan vs Bigger Mortgage

When you need additional money to pay for your necessities and you are moving into a new home, you may wonder whether or not to get a secured loan (also known as a second mortgage) or a bigger mortgage to cover the entire costs of your home.

Secured Loans/Second Mortgages are easier to find and easier to get, because far more lending companies are willing to give out second mortgages because it is usually not as much money as these lending agencies would have to give for a full mortgage.
Many people believe that a second mortgage and single mortgage are the same, but in reality there are some key differences that cause differences in the loans themselves.


Second mortgages/secured loans are very similar to the original mortgage except for one key difference - they are insubordinate to the original mortgage. This means that the original mortgage has a greater priority over your home than the secured loan does.

What this means is that if you default on both loans and your home gets repossessed, the lender that provided you with the first mortgage gets priority over your repossession. This means that the second mortgage lender actually has more risk even though they are also securing the loan against your home because the second mortgage lender does not necessarily get to repossess your home if you default.
The will cause a higher interest rate, some stricter loan options, and several other things that can make a secured loan less competitive than a bigger mortgage.

Some Benefits
One of the few benefits, however, is the flexibility with things like loan terms. Loan terms with mortgages are fairly strict, spreading out about 30 years, while secured loans can be faster (5 years) or longer (20 years) and can be changed to reflect how much you can currently afford.

Beyond that, secured loans and second mortgages do not differ greatly from larger mortgages. It may be fitting for some people to want to take out a secured loan later in order to have that flexibility. But if one can get a bigger loan instead, one might want to take out a larger mortgage because the interest rate should be lower and you will only have to pay back a single lender with your monthly payments, which is always an advantage and much easier to handle financially.


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