Tips For Taking A Holiday During The Credit Crunch

Families enjoy travelling for the holidays, but with the credit crunch hurting people so badly financially they may not be able to enjoy the vacation they are used to.

Instead of enjoying a fancy hotel, you could opt for a self-catering apartment at your destination, which will save you money on food as you can buy groceries and cook yourself. Here are a few other ways you can still manage a holiday, even on a tight budget.

1. Consider taking out annual holiday insurance. If you know you want to travel abroad more than once a year, you can get discounted rates for the whole family and the policies are flexible, allowing you to change it as needed with your circumstances.
2. Book your trip early in order to get the best deals. It used to be such a thing that the later you booked your holiday the cheaper they were because you could take advantage of last minute deals. Today you are better off booking as early as a year in advance to get the best deals and prices.
3. Consider getting a free European Health Insurance Card when you travel abroad. This card entitles the bearer to reduced fees on treatment within the European healthcare system. It's not a replacement for travel insurance, but you can avoid paying excess charges on medical claims. You can apply for this card online and it affords you the same treatment in the country you are in as if you were a citizen that lived there all year round.
4. If at all possible, get a Nationwide card so that you are not charged hefty commission charges on all of your transactions because of the foreign currency exchange. This card has no charges for overseas purchases or cash withdrawals.
5. Airlines are now charging extra to check in bags so if you cannot travel light, book extra baggage allowance when you book your flight.
6. Transfer your pound sterling into the local currency before you get where you are going. Many places charge a lot of money to convert from the sterling and back, so if you convert it beforehand and pay with local currency and then convert what's left when you get to the United Kingdom, you'll be better off.

7. Use your mobile as little as possible, as the rates abroad are expensive. If your provider offers deals for phone usages while abroad, try to arrange for this before you go away so that you are not running up a bill.

8. Convert your currency before you leave and try not to use the airport exchange bureau. They do not offer you very good deals for exchanging money.

9. Pre book all of your tickets before leaving on vacation so that you can save money .
10. Pack a small picnic for the flight. It is cheaper to purchase food and water from an airport shop after you pass security and it will save you money as the cost of these items on the plane is expensive.
11. Holiday in the UK.

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