Even Children Are Hurt By The Credit Crunch

While so many people are thinking about their own personal adult lives and how their finances will be affected by this credit crunch in recent years, the truth is that children have found themselves worrying more and more over the credit situation. At the age of ten, reports are beginning to show that children in primary schools have begun to talk about their credit fears with the school counsellors.



In London, talks have begun to arise that young children are coming in increasing numbers to talk to their counsellors about the fact that they are worried about money, parents are losing jobs, or they have to worry about moving out of their house because of this crisis. These children are still in primary school, so the concerns that they should have about recess and homework are now being superseded by concerns for their family's well-being and financial security.


There are specific charities out there that will go into the city primary schools so that they can do drop-in counselling for the students , and these charities are beginning to see the same trend as students begin to show good deals of uncertainty as family members and the television shows. The pupils showing up in the counsellor's offices these days are realising that they feel they need to take the adult role, taking the problems that they feel they are afraid their parents cannot handle. Out of the children in those primary schools, up to eighty percent of them have begun to use the services of this school.

Over one-third of ten and eleven-year-old students have concerns regarding the credit crunch , which is far too high a number. For far too many children, this is an everyday thought in the worse communities, making children worry about the financial concerns of their parents. For children who have single parent households, the concerns are worse as they constantly worry whether or not the parent can keep the job and pay bills. Many times, the children feel too worried to tell their parents in case it would upset them that they had concerns. This makes children feel like they are unable to deal with moving houses and parents losing their jobs, and at the moment, counsellors feel as though they are working on making the students feel better, as they do not have any advice to give.


The younger children seemed to have picked up these particular concerns for quite some time, but parents don't seem to realise just how worried about it they are. The credit crunch has only made it more acute in students these days, due to the fact that young children are easily able to sense the different concerns financially that parents have. At this particular time, the uncertainty in the market is putting a lot of pressure and tension on parents and children are picking up on that. When they are home, children feel as though they cannot talk about it at home, so it is up to the counsellors to help give advice to these kids.


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