Dealing with Bailiffs

There are some things people can deal with when it comes to their debt. They can deal with the bills, they can deal with trying to make the payments.

But many people have a serious problem dealing with the emotional and psychological stress of a Bailiff visiting their home to collect debts.

justify"> What is a Bailiff?
A bailiff is an individual that has been hired to collect the debts from a creditor. While the individual has to be legally authorized to collect the debts, anyone that has been hired to retrieve their missing funds can be a bailiff, and that bailiff's job is to do whatever they can to try to retrieve the employer's missing money.

Bailiffs are required to provide their authorization and announce themselves before arriving at your door, but once they do, they are difficult to ignore.

What is it like to deal with a Bailiff ?
Bailiffs are not police officers, even when they are hired by the court. As such, you are not required to let them into your house. However, once you do, these bailiffs have free reign to do whatever they please in order to retrieve goods that can pay back the loan. They can go into any room, break open any lock, and take anything they want that looks like it has enough value to help pay back the debt.
This is the scariest part for anyone dealing with a bailiff - the removal of one's things. And bailiffs have a unique legal authority that makes them even more frightening - once you have allowed a bailiff into your house once they are allowed to come back any time they want, even if you are not home and even if they have to break in. They are only required to gain peaceful entry the first time. Afterwards, your house and everything in it is at their mercy.

Bailiffs do not always take your things right away. They may allow you to sign a "walking possessions agreement" which means that the property is legally theirs but it can stay in your home and you can continue to use it. That way, if you pay back the debts in time or if there are items that you may need on a daily basis, you can still have them. However, any item that is on the walking possessions agreement is owned by the bailiff, and as such they have the right to take it from you whenever they want.

How can you prepare for a Bailiff?
Bailiffs must notify you that they are heading to your location at least 14 days in advance. You are not allowed to hide any of your belongings, so do not try to do so as it can lead to a criminal charge. Since you do not legally have to let a Bailiff into your home, make sure all of your doors and windows are locked so there is no way the bailiff can gain entry.


Bailiffs are likely the most frightening part of dealing with missing debt. Once a bailiff has access to your home and belongings there is little you can do, which is why you always need to make sure you do not get to the point where a bailiff is necessary.

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