Is there government help if I am in debt?

When someone finds themselves in so much debt that they can barely afford to live, they look for people or organizations that can help them emerge from beneath their mountain of missed payments, bad credit and debt collectors.

One of the places many people look to is the government. They pay a great deal in taxes, of course, and one would think that there might be a government support system for debt help.


Is There Government Debt Help?
Unfortunately, there are currently no government programs for debt help. The reason for this is twofold:
First, in reality, getting one's self into debt problems is neither a government problem nor a legal issue. Very rarely are there any debt problems that are established in the UK that were due to something the government instituted (besides taxes), and as far as a legal issue, the government does provide the ability to declare bankruptcy , which is one way to ensure that you have something to do about your debt.

The second reason is that if the government starts granting debt help , it can be almost guaranteed that this will be abused. Again, very few people run into debt problems that could not have been avoided. If the government offers to help these people, then some people will purposely rack up debt in order to live a life of luxury and then ask the government to bail them out. Not everyone will do that, but enough people will that it makes it far too much of a risk.

Government Help
The government allows the ability to declare bankruptcy, and there are ways you can reduce the amount of taxes you pay. Beyond that, it is the feeling of the UK government that it is far too dangerous for them to get involved with debt problems. The consequences far outweigh the benefits. If you are in need of debt management , consult a debt help expert in order to figure out a way to resolve your credit issues.


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