County Court Judgments

Not everyone can pay back their loans or credit card payments on time. Some people choose not to pay them back (despite the negative effect on their credit scores ), while others simply cannot afford to pay it back due to budgetary constraints or other, more significant financial issues.)

When an individual fails to pay back their loans or credit, County Courts in England and Wales can force debtors to pay back their debt or risk losing some form of finance or property. These judgments, known as “County Court Judgments” or “CCJs” are legally binding ways for creditors to force payments from those in their debt.


CCJs are one of the most common red strikes on an individual’s credit history. They are the first thing creditors look for when assessing an individual’s credit-worthiness and they are one of the primary reasons that people applying for credit are denied.

If an individual in debt refuses or is unable to pay back the CCJ, the lender is allowed to apply for a “charging order” which takes the equivalent payments from some type of property. The lender is also allowed to apply for an order that would deduct a set amount of money from an individual’s salary until the debt has been fully paid back. This type of order is known as an “attachment of earnings.”

Lenders are also allowed to take more extreme routes, including a “Third Party Debt Order” which forces banks and other locations that hold money for the individual in debt to pay back the loans/credit against the borrower’s permission. Also, some lenders ask the court for Bailiffs that seize any assets they can from the individual in debt and sell them off at auction in order to pay off the debt. These types of methods are less common, however, as most borrowers choose to pay back at least some of their debt before their assets are seized.

Most lenders prefer to settle their debts outside of court before turning to CCJs, using them only as a last resort. However, when a borrower decides they either cannot or will not pay back their loans, County Court Judgments are often the only alternative and remain a highly effective way for lenders to receive their payments.


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