Correcting Credit Errors

No matter how streamlined the credit reporting process, it is always possible that your credit file may have errors. It is important to fix these errors as quickly as possible in order to ensure that your credit score does not take too negative a hit

Even if the low credit score was caused by an error, it may be very difficult to recover your credit score completely even when you remedy the situation. The faster it is resolved, the less likely the affect will be permanent.


1) County Court Judgments - Sometimes County Court Judgments (CCJ's) are incorrectly recorded. If this is the case, contact your county court and explain to them the error. Be sure and have your case number so that you can have the problem solved quickly. Usually all errors are fixed within a month, though if you provide the credit agencies with proof of the correction, they may be able to fix your scores sooner.

2) The Electoral Roll - To get credit, you need your true address to match the address on your electoral roll. Contact the credit agencies to have this error corrected, or, if you have not changed your voting address yet, apply to do so. If your credit file does not show that you have registered to vote, but you are positive that you are, contact the credit agencies. If you have not registered to vote, fill out an electoral registration form.

3) Bankruptcy Errors - If you have cancelled or discharged your bankruptcy , you should have an Order of Discharge or Annulment Certificate on hand. If so, send a copy immediately to the credit reference agency. Check to make sure that the bankruptcy has been completely removed from your records if it was cancelled.

4) Accounts - It is always a good idea to check your credit score and make sure that you do not find any errors (such as a credit card you did not take out or a card you cancelled that appears to be open). If you find any of these errors, you need to contact both the credit agency as well as the company that reports your credit scores.

5) Identity theft - If you find that you have any loans or credit issues that appear to be active that you are sure are not yours, call to cancel the card immediately and contact your local authorities.

Correcting credit errors is vital to maintaining a good credit score. The longer you wait, even if you fix the problems, the less likely your credit score will bounce back to the number it deserves to be. Even if the error is minor (for example, a credit card with no balance that you cancelled that didn't register as cancelled), change it right away in order to ensure it does not affect your credit history.


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