The Citizens Advice Bureau

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, it is possible to run into both serious financial problems as well as a great deal of debt. When this occurs, you may try to fix the problem on your own, only to realize you don't have the means, resources, or the know-how to solve the problem without help.

That is why the citizens advice bureau was created - to provide those in a great deal of debt with the means necessary to help improve their financial problems.


What is the Citizens Advice Bureau?
The Citizens advice bureau is a free service that was created to help people fix their legal and financial issues. It is comprised of over 20,000 volunteers and a number of different charities that are able to help those that have found themselves in financial trouble in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Every year, almost 6 million different financial and legal issues are helped by the Citizens advice bureau as they have been one of the number one places that individuals with financial problems turn to when they are struggling with things like debt issues.

Over 1.7 million of the problems dealt with by the Citizens Advice Bureau are related to debt issues, equaling over 30% of the total output provided by the organization. With over 3,300 different locations across the UK, they receive a number of different individuals looking for free debt advice help.

What Kind of Debt Help do they Offer?

The Citizens Advice Bureau offers debt help on a variety of different issues. Some of those issues they give advice on are:

• How to Negotiate with Creditors about your debt
• Understanding IVAs, Bankruptcy, and Administration Orders
• Understanding your Budget and Planning your Monthly Payments
• How Debt Effects Credit
• Ways to Rescue Yourself from Secured Loan Problems
• How to sell Your Home to Pay Back Your Loan
• What Actions your Lender Will Take to Get Their Money Back
• How to Spot Scams
• Much More

The Citizens Advice Bureau is one of the largest free resources for solving your debt issues, designed solely for you to be prepared when debt issues occur. In addition, the Bureau attempts to affect public policy on things like debt issues in order to help make sure that you, as a consumer, are not being unfairly treated.

What Isn't The Citizens Advice Bureau?

The Citizens Advice Bureau is not there to solve your problems altogether. It is there to help you take your debt problems into your own hands. They will tell you what actions to take, but if you expect to use the information you get from the organization, you are going to need to listen to it and take any actions they propose.

They are also not going to get rid of your debts or solve it for you, and they will not pay back your debts or provide you with any money of financial help in order for you to not lose property.


That said, they are one of the best places to get advice on lending, loans and debt in the UK. If you are in serious financial problems, it is a good idea to visit their website at

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