3 surprising things affected by a bad credit score 

When an individual has bad credit, it is not uncommon for it to be difficult for that individual to find themselves a loan, credit card agencies that are willing to take on their accounts, as well as several other problems that can pose problems to a potential borrower.

But bad credit does not just affect the way you are treated by credit agencies - there are other problems that occur when someone has bad credit that many people do not consider.

Three Unusual Things Affected By Bad Credit

1) One of the things affected by bad credit is the ability to find an apartment. Finding a home loan is difficult enough when you have bad credit, but many apartment complexes run a credit check to make sure that you are going to pay rent on time. If you have bad credit, not only are you not able to find a house in which to live, but you may have an incredibly difficult time finding an apartment as well, no matter how cheap the apartment or how able you are to pay rent.

2) Similarly, renting a car can be a difficult task as well. While buying a car is near impossible, many car rental agencies also care about your credit score because they need to know that you are a trustworthy person in general - and your credit score reflects that. There are some car rental agencies that do not care provided you pay for the car in advance, but it can become a tremendous inconvenience if you find that your credit has affected your ability to rent a car, especially if you are on a vacation.

3) Finally, finding a job can be affected by your credit score. While illegal in many countries, there have been several stories of employers checking a prospective employee's credit score before hiring them. Why? Because, like the car rental agencies, these companies are trying to find out their new employee's trustworthiness. A poor credit score is thought to imply that the employee does not care about their finances and will bring the same type of attitude into the workplace.

As you can see, keeping a high credit score is important for more than just your financial future. While loans, credit cards, and other credit sources are an important reason to keep your credit score high, there are several ways that your bad credit can affect you outside of the lending world as well.
Not all of these methods are legal, nor are these always affected by your credit history, but keeping your credit score high is important, because you never know who can be looking at your credit at any given point.


 One Final Inconvenience

In addition to all of the above unusual situations where your credit score is checked, having a poor credit score also means you are more likely to be the target of scams, as companies try to swoop in, thinking they can convince you to take a loan with a high interest rate.


 These same companies are less likely to bother individuals with higher credit because they know that people with high credit are more likely to not be caught getting a loan from a disreputable company, so these companies put their resources into trying to scam people with lower credit scores instead that may not fully understand how their credit affects them.

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